Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recession Posessions

Shopping--or should I say, the avoidance of it-- during these troubling times is problematic for the fashionista. However, as one who can say of Recessions:"been there, done that and lived to blog about it", I'm finding it easier this time around. Has my overstuffed closet and ginormous debt load finally made an impact on my sense and sensibility? Or am I now able to weed through the treasures and junk, my own as well as those on sale, and discover what I truly love and need is already within my grasp?

Even with limited or no resources I will troll the malls and boutiques for inspiration to get through this mess. However, before I actually make a purchase, I pause long enough to assure myself that I will suffer no buyers remorse. What I cannot afford in this period of economic uncertainty is one more day feeling miserable about my non-existant income and retirement fund, and uncertainly about my future. If I find something to reaffirm my belief in good fashion karma, I will grab it -- and you should, too.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cop Copine for Fall

For the past five years or so, I have been seasonally delighted by this fabulous French label, whocse designs are always wearably innovative. Like the truly great designers, Cop Copine is about a style, not a demographic, and I have found that the clothes look amazing on all sorts of women.

Where to see the line in Toronto? Take yourself to Kama Kazi at 781 Queen West, Great space, great staff, worth the trip!

Just to whet your appetite, check out the Cop Copine website:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Get That Summer Glow Goin'

Just visited the new midtown spa, Bronzeado. They specialize in spray tanning, and guarantee that their process will not leave you streaky, freaky or orange -- so even the most sun sensitive can get a sun-kissed look. I am a sun lover and tanner, myself, but I could not resist trying the spa's "signature" facial, which uses Jurlique products (all natural). LOVED IT! Contact

Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Sales and Sizing

As every smart shopper knows, there's nothing like a clearance sale to max out a credit card. So when sale shopping, follow a couple of simple rules and you won't suffer buyers remorse. For clothing: Look at everything on the racks, try only things in great condition and don't be stuck on sizes. A Size 6 does not necessarily fit true, and what passes for a size 42 in European designers can vary. You have to look at the garment to see whether it fits your body type and/or whether slight alteration might make it a worthwhile purchase. Not everyone can do this so if you're style challenged, call me. When it comes to accessories, use the sale period to buy shoes/bags that add style to your wardrobe. Accessories have a long life span in a wardrobe, which means you can, and should, take some chances... at 40% off.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pianurastudio: Bellissima!

Run, do not walk (actually you may have to drive!) to Basique Boutique in Richmond Hill for the latest from the outstanding Italian design group. Located on the upper level of Times Square, the store has THE MOST BEAUTIFUL clothing, shoes and accessories in the GTA.

Check out what I'm raving about:

Monday, March 31, 2008

Sydney Lounging at Home

Check out the adorable Miss Wilkes in this outfit from Snug, on the Danforth. I bought it for her this past X-Mas, so don't even think about purchasing as we're into a new season (thank God) and a new collection. The store is definitely worth a visit, however, as they always have a great selection of kids wear ... and Mommy-wear too!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Okay, so you can't afford Miu Miu...

..No worries! There are fabulous shoes on sale at K&J Boutique, and it's worth the drive to First Markham Place. The fabulous Bella Poon, proprietor, specializes in comfortable, fashionable footwear for small sizes. She's clearing out the stock room, so GO! For more info call 905-474-3982.